How to fix Windows 10 start-up problems - BlackScreen on startup!

WARNING: THE LATEST WINDOWS 10 UPDATE HAS A TENDENCY TO BREAK YOUR COMPUTER! (KB 3081438)... Here is how to fix the infinite loading screen, black screen or infinite boot-loop. Also working for Windows 8 / 8.1.
This method will keep ALL your personal files AS WELL AS keep all your programs working and basically nothing will change other than your boot time which is only once off. After the first reboot everything will be normal once again.

This can also happen when:
- You update windows and restart
- You install a new program
- You install a new driver
- Completely randomly

This video is a tutorial on how to fix it with easy steps.
When you restart your PC multiple times and it says "preparing automatic repair" the screen will very very rarely stay on the following black screen. For people who get this you will need to boot from the Windows 10 install disk or repair disk.
You will need to go googling around for either the repair disk iso download or the repair disk iso download. Once you have either one, burn it to a CD/DVD/BluRay/USB and then boot from that, once you have you can then do the tutorial and completely fix your computer.

1. When you ask Cortana to search the internet for something, you can get the error message:
"Openwith.exe - Class not registered"
To fix this you will need to either Reinstall your default browser or change it.

2. When you try to open Google Chrome or another browser or any other program and it says "Class Not Registered" in an error message, you will need to delete the current shortcut and remake one by going to where the program is installed and then right clicking and saying "create a shortcut" and then drag it or pin it to where you need it to be.

Restart and head back to the Command Prompt window open in the video (where you typed everything)
Once there type D: or C: and hit enter, try D first and then type dir to see if you are in the right drive, otherwise try C and try dir.
Once you find the drive with Windows installed :
type: cd D:\Windows\System32 or cd C:\Windows\System32
Once there type cd backup
once there type dir and you should see the files you saw before with numbers again

type copy * ..\* (copies all files to previous folder with files.
When asked to copy and replace just hit A and enter.

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