Issue : ATI Catalyst Control Center will not open or install in windows 7

Description of Issue: ATI Catalyst Control Center will not open or install in windows 7.

Resolution follows:


Note - As with anything that makes changes to your system it is suggested you create a restore point before proceeding.

Before beginning: 

First thing we are going to do is download the latest amd/ati driver and catalyst package and save it to your desktop for easy access later. the link provided there will direct you to the proper download for your hardware. 

Once this is done

Remove your ATI software normally through programs and features in the Control Panel using the Catalyst Install Manager (CIM). (Also called AMD Catalyst Install Manager)

Reboot the system in Safe Mode (F8) and do the following:

1 - Delete all ATI folders in C:\programs files and C:\programs files (x86) as well as the temp ati folder usually located at c:\ati

2 - Go to C:\Windows\assembly and sort by "Public Key Token". Locate the following Public Key Token "90ba9c70f846762e" Usually there are only two entries. However, there can be many just be careful here we are only deleting/uninstalling entries tagged with the "90ba9c70f846762e" token. (if deletion will not work right click and uninstall)

3 - deleting these policies in safe mode may result in a permissions error. The entries will only show up in systems affected by this issue. 

This means that searching for these entries on systems where CCC is loading properly, should result in none found *(as per ati's dev team) 
4 - Shut down and re-start normally.

5 - Reinstall the ATI Catalyst package.

6 Launch CCC from the right click context menu if it doesn't start automatically. <optional>

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