Install Windows 8 on a Mac: Step by Step

Install Windows 8 on a Mac Step by Step

For all of the Mac owners longing to try out the latest revolution of technology offered by the new Windows 8 operating system, this simple guide will run you through the steps required to install it.

Steps to Install Windows 8 Developer’s Preview on Mac

The new Windows operating system has a huge amount to offer which surpasses even Apple’s popular iOS interface. The software is a revolution for Microsoft which rejects large amounts of the interface used since Windows ’97. The new system is compatible with laptops, desktops, and importantly tablets.
Running though ARM, it is possible to install the new Windows OS on practically anything from smartphones to Macs. If you are sceptical, you won’t be for long once you have installed this new piece of software from the world’s bestselling OS producer.
Step 1. Get a copy. Quite simply, find a Windows 8 Download (full versions due for release in 2012) and get the software ready for installation.
Step 2. Get a USB Drive with 8GB+ of Memory.
Step 3. Create a Backup of all of your files and folders as a restore point should anything go wrong.
Step 4. Go to ‘Utilities’ and click on ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ to open it.

Step 5. Click ‘Continue’ and select all three options: ‘Create a Windows 7 install disk’, ‘Download the latest Windows support software from Apple’, and ‘Install Windows 7’. (If the first option isn’t available then select the others and click ‘Continue’ to advance.)
Step 6. (Skip this step if the ‘Create a Windows 7 install disk’ option was not available in Step 5). Select the Windows 8 ISO file and the USB device on which you want to create a boot disk. When this is done click ‘Continue’.
Step 7. Click ‘Continue’ when told that the drive will be erased.  Type your password when prompted to ‘Add Helper’.
Step 8. The ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ will ask you to ‘create a partition for Windows’. It is recommended that this partition is at least 20GB if you intend to install further software on the Windows partition.
Step 9. Click ‘Install’ and watch as your Mac begins an automatic reboot and begins installing Windows. You will see the message ‘Booting from Boot Camp Assistant created boot drive’. (At this point you will be prompted to ‘insert the Windows 8 install disk’ if you did not have the option to ‘Create a Windows 7 install disk’ in Step 5).
Step 10. Follow the on screen procedure to select partition to install Windows on. Select the ‘BOOTCAMP’ partition to install the software. Make sure the ‘BOOTCAMP’ drive is formatted before selecting by going to ‘Drive Options (Advanced)’ and clicking ‘Format’.
Step 11. Click the ‘Next’ button to finish installing and follow the on screen prompts for Windows setup.
Step 12. Install Mac compatibility software for Windows. If you selected ‘Download the latest Windows support software from Apple’ option in Step 5 then this data will be ready for installation on your boot disk. Double click on the ‘Setup.exe’ icon to install software.
Step 13. You are ready to go. When you turn on your computer, hold either the ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ key to see an option to boot either your Windows or Mac OS.