Control Any PCs with Remote Desktop Session in a Browser

3 Easy Steps to Start a Remote Desktop Session with Anyone

Step 1 : Log into the Techinline Expert console at an account first)
Step 2 :  Tell your friend or client to go to, where he/she receives a 6-digit number (Client ID)
Step 3 : Enter the Client ID obtained by the remote client into the corresponding field (see below) and click Connect.

Note, from the other end the user must click Accept to confirm and hence initiate the remote desktop session.
Once you have connected to someone as the Expert, you can do any of the following:
  • Remotely view the desktop
  • Remotely view the desktop and control the Client’s mouse and keyboard
  • Remotely restart the Client’s computer
  • Allow the Client to remotely view your desktop
  • Allow the Client to remotely view your desktop and control your mouse and keyboard
  • Transfer folders, files, and text
  • Interact with the Client via built-in text chat
You can refer to their online help docs for more details and information on how to use the tool.