USB devices not detected

Windows 7 will not recognize anything (stick, drive, camera, ipod etc.) plugged into the USB ports or a card in the memory card socket.
No messages or anything, just no reaction to anything plugged in.

Follow the steps below :-

Navigate to C:\Windows\syswow64\drivers
-rename mpfilt.sys to mpfilt-USBerror.sys
-restart your machine
(If the above entry is not found, please ignore and move to next step)
Launch RegEdit
Start Menu ==> run ==> regedit
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\currentcontrolset\services\mpfilt
-delete the mpfilt key

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\controlset001\services\mpfilt
-delete the mpfilt key
Note: mpfilt might exist on additional control sets, check each controlset(002,003,010...)\services\mpfilt
delete the mpfilt key

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000}
-delete value "Lowerfilters "

Navigate to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\controlset001\Control\Class\{36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000}
-delete value "Lowerfilters "

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\controlset002\Control\Class\{36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000} .
-delete value "Lowerfilters "

Navigate to the top of the RegEdit window "Computer" (in regedit)
Search for mpfilt - it is important to search only for mpfilt - you don't want to find mpflt or mpfilter.

-RegEdit Search: regedit edit menu -> select find -> enter mpfilt in the search box.

-Mark Checkbox labeled "Match whole string only"
-Click "Find Next" button until you get the "Finished searching through the registry" message, Click OK
If mpfilt was found when you searched, you probably just missed one. That's why you did the search.
-Make sure that it is mpfilt and the key is a service in a controlset, then delete the key
Close RegEdit,

Restart your machine, and you're done

Disclaimer : Please backup the registry before editing anything.

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