Having hard time to uninstall KNCTR

Many users reported that they are having hard time to uninstall KNCTR .

Read more to reveal how to uninstall the KNCTR 
KNCTR lets you make free phone calls to cellphones and landlines anywhere in North America. It’s is a free entertainment and communication desktop app that brings you amazing daily videos including hot Hollywood gossip, news updates, technology & app insight, movie trailers, auto reviews, and daily exclusives!.

Many users reported that they are having hard time to uninstall KNCTR .

Follow the simple steps below :-

To disable the KNCTR from automatically starting up on your computer, here's how:

1) At the bottom-right hand of the screen, you will find the system tray
2) Right click the purple KNCTR logo
3) Unclick the "Load on Startup" option

There, you're all done!

If you still want to uninstall the KNCTR, here’s how:

1) If you right click on the Knctr icon in the Windows System Tray (by the clock on the lower right of the screen).
2) Remove the checkmark by “Load on Startup” and then select ‘Shutdown’ from that same menu.
3) You can either leave it installed and run it when you want to make free phone calls.


  1. Thanks I am out of this issue...article helped!!

  2. thanks so much it was annoying me like crazy. ;)

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  4. Thank you so much! Never again will I download something "FREE"