Update drivers thats too free

When it comes to updating drivers, don’t bother. In fact, in most of the cases you don’t need to, unless there is something wrong on your computer in which the older driver might be the cause. So practically, if there is a tool that can scan your computer and tells you what are the drivers that needs to upgrade it would make your life a bit easier. And that’s where DriverZone comes in to help.
DriverZone offers two ways to scan your computer, a portable tool and a web application, both are free. Download the portable tool DriverZoneScanner, and launch it. It will automatically scan your computer and display the result on their website once it’s done.
What if I don’t have an Internet, can I still get to see the result? Of course, you can go to the system tray, right-click the DriverZone Scanner icon, and select “Save Scan Data…” to save the result in HTML format.
Note that to download the latest driver, however, you need to register an account with DriverZone first. But again, registering an account is free as well. Also the link is of third party website and we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused.


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