Trick : Speed up USB Internet

The browsing and downloading speed of USB Internet depends on multiple factors like the accessing area’s distance from the tower, time of the day, number of simultaneous users etc. However we can do something to have better experience with USB Internet.
Optimize TCP/IP Settings.

1. Download TCP Optimizer
2. Open TCP optimizer. Move speed slider to 2000kbps and click optimal settings at bottom, then click apply and restart you system.
3. Try different connection speeds with software until you get better speed.
 Example: Below settings worked for me.

Max MTU - 1500
MTU Discovery - Yes
Black Hole Detect - No
Selective ACKs - Yes
Max Dup ACKs - 2
Time to Live (TTL) - 128
TCP 1323 Options - uncheck both

Try different DNS server address.

1. Open control panel find your connection in the network connections.Click properties, select internet protocol from the list and click properties. 
2. Edit the field to enter following DNS server address:   (Click here for more options)
3. Click Ok

 Delete temporary internet files

1. Click start > Run
2. type %temp% and click ok
3. Delete all files and folders.

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