Mouse not working -Windows 7 - Try Alternative

Use the computer without a mouse

You can now set up your mouse, so that you can use the Numeric keypad to move the mouse around the screen. To do so navigate to Set up Mouse Keys via the following path:
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Set up Mouse Keys.
While at the Ease of Access Center, you may click on Make the mouse (or Keyboard) easier to use and then click on Set up Mouse keys. Here check the Turn on Mouse Keys check-box. Click Apply/OK.

Use Voice instead of Keyboard or Mouse

If you wish to use the Speech Recognition feature, instead of using the mouse and keyboard and use click on Use Speech Recognition.
Here you can configure your Speech Recognition settings and experience.

Ease of Access Center

The Ease of Access Center, along with Assistive technologies, also offers several other features that can make using the computer easier and more comfortable to use. These technologies let you:
1.          Make the computer easier to see
2.          Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard
3.          Make the mouse easier to use
4.          Make the keyboard easier to use
5.          Use text and visual alternatives for sounds
6.          Make it easier to focus on reading and typing tasks
7.          Make it easier to see using Magnifier
8.          Make it easier to navigate, understand or hear using Narrator
9.          Type using the On-Screen Keyboard.

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