5 Cloud Storage Services, Never Run Out of Space

Even a 2TB hard disk is not enough anymore. Soon after buying a laptop, you will find its hard drive creaking under the massive weight of files, and eventually you will have to delete files that you are emotionally attached to. But thanks to cloud storage, you need not to have to press the Delete button anymore, as you can now upload, share and access files wherever or whenever you wish. Listed here are five of the best cloud storage choices that you should take a look before you think of buying an external hard drive.

Dropbox :
With Dropbox, sharing is sexy and simple. 2GB of storage is available for free and the limit can be extended up to 100GB, depending on the nature of the plan. It works seamlessly with BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux and Macs, even when the net connection is unavailable. Dropbox enables users to share and collaborate, and work on the same document at the same time. Dropbox does not eat into the connection speed either.

It has been around for sometime, but its popularity is not anywhere near Dropbox despite offering similar features. It offers 5 GB of free storage and if you need more, you can take a pick from its personal and enterprise plans. Besides giving users option to access file from all devices imaginable, it automatically syncs files to the cloud. Now you can have direct access to your files while on the move.

Windows Live Mesh:
Windows Live Mesh is an integral part of Windows Live Essentials, and like the rest of the other programs that comes bundled with it, Mesh is free. Its interface, as is customary with other Windows products, is clean and simple and you can access files via your PC or web. You can store up to 25 GB given you have a SkyDrive account.

Amazon Cloud Drive:
Amazon Cloud Drive is the dream treat for a song lover. You have the amazing option to store your music, photos and other documents on Amazon’s cloud server which, if we are not grossly mistaken, the safest place to store your file on this planet. This cloud drive comes with 5 GB of free storage, however, if you feel this is too little, you can opt for plans that extend the limit to a jaw.

It has storage options for both personal and professional use. As with any other cloud storage service providers, 5 GB space comes free with it. It guarantees 99.9% up-time which could be a bit of stretching the truth but its service is certainly a cut above the rest. Some of its unique features, as the company claims, are configurable permissions, redundant storage, and SSL encryption.

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