Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity

Not able to connect to wireless network? There could be many issues. I have listed down few basic steps which will get you connected.

Wireless Router Firmware Upgrade

If you have configured all the wireless settings correctly on wireless router but still cannot connect to wireless network, then try to go to router manufacturer website to download latest router firmware and upgrade your router firmware. After that reconfigure the router and try to connect again. Sometimes the problem can be caused by the faulty router firmware.

DHCP Setting on Wireless Router

You must enable the DHCP setting on wireless router if you’ve configured the computer’s wireless adapter to obtain an IP address automatically. If not you will get the "failed to acquire an IP address" error when you try to connect to wireless network! Also don’t forget to configure big enough IP range on router’s DHCP setting, because the router won’t be able to assign IP to 6 computers if you only configured 5 IP space on router.

MAC Address Filtering Issue

Check whether you have enabled MAC address filtering on wireless router, if you have enabled it but your computer’s MAC address is not in allowed list, then of course you can’t connect to the network. If you did not enable it, then proceed to continue your reading.

Wireless Adapter Activation on Laptop

If you are using laptop with built-in wireless adapter, make sure you have activated the wireless adapter by turning on the wireless button, press Alt+F2 or other keys on the laptop. Read the laptop manual on how to activate the wireless adapter on laptop.

Wireless Adapter Driver Status and Configuration

Ensure you’ve installed the wireless adapter driver properly, if not it won’t work well. If possible, download the latest driver from manufacturer website and install it, this will fix the software bugs and hardware problems on existing adapter. The most important part is you need to configure the wireless adapter correctly.
If you think you have forgotten the wireless encryption key to join wireless network, Contact your ISP.
If you have changed the wireless settings on wireless router and failed to join wireless network after that, it's better for you to remove existing wireless network profiles on computer and test to connect to it after that.

Wrong Configuration on DSL/Cable Modem

Ensure that your DSL/Cable modem is configured in bridge mode (not routing mode), so that it can work well after connecting to router. The way to check this, if you need to use PPPoE dialer in Microsoft Windows in order to establish Internet connection with direct connection from computer to modem, then your modem is configured in bridge mode (correct mode).

Faulty Winsock

Suddenly you just can’t connect to wireless network after some virus or malware cleaning, driver installation or software patching few days ago, then most probably it’s caused by faulty Winsock or registry in Windows 7. How to tackle this problem? Please follow the steps for windows 7 below.
Open up the command line utility and enter:
netsh winsock reset catalog (resets winsock entries)
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (resets TCP/IP stack)
Reboot the PC.
Hope this article matches your requirement.

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