Not able to browse internet

Below are some small tips but very useful. There are many steps involved in resolving Internet issues but we have listed few of them which helped to resolved majority of the reported issues related to Internet.

  • If your browser is not working the most frequent reason is that your firewall is blocking the access. Disable your software and hardware (router) firewall temporarily to isolate the issue.

  • Another very common reason is that your DNS cache has not been updated with the new information. This can happen and is very normal. In order to fix this you have to flush your DNS settings. In short, open cmd.exe and enter ipconfig /flushdns.

  • Corrupt Winsock. Winsock is actually short "Windows sockets," which are files that allow Windows programs to connect to the Internet and other computers. Please follow the steps for windows 7 below.
Open up the command line utility and enter:
netsh winsock reset catalog (resets winsock entries)
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (resets TCP/IP stack)
Reboot the PC.

·      Make sure you don’t have a proxy enabled for your browser. If a proxy is set up, your connection may fail.

·      Check your DNS settings: Call your ISP to make sure the DNS settings are correct. Note: When you call helpdesk ask them to check the DNS settings if they are correct. This step helped 6/8 people while troubleshooting internet issues, in most cases DNS settings were incorrect. Setting correct DNS address resolved internet issues in most cases.

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  1. Perfect fix...awsome! I was able to go online after 2 weeks of troubleshooting just following this article....keep up the good work!! Anna:)