Network adapters missing on Windows 7 Machine

Windows 7 client machine. After a reboot, the Network and Sharing Center->Network Connections folder was empty. The icons for the network adapters (NIC) were missing. The reboot incurred a chkdsk which had found some registry corruption. 

Resolution :-

Under the registry key:

Make sure the below mentioned values are not missing. If they are missing please add them:

Valuename: "Name"
Type: REG_SZ
Creat it with a value of "Local Area Connection"
Valuename: "DefaultNameIndex"
Creat it with a value of "0". Refereced a working machine for this value.
Mostly additional adapters would increment this number.
Valuename: "DefaultNameResourceId"
Creat it with a value of "0x70b".

Disclaimer : Please backup the registry before editing it; in case if anything happens you can restore it back.

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