Top 10 Laptops in India

The most common question we get around here is simple: "What laptop should I buy?"
Being a generally difficult person by nature, I usually respond with my own series of questions: "What size screen do you want? How much do you want to spend?" and so on. But sometimes people just want a simple suggestion, based on what I actually like. So, here is a jargon-free list of the current crop of laptops that I'm digging, either because they give you good bang for your buck, they excel in their specific category, or because they just plain rock.

1) Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is by far is the best Laptop in the market. Not because of the hardware it provides but because of the features, final product finishing and combinations it offers.

2) Sony Vaio Z Series

Vaio Z series laptop is the best one can get in terms of the hardware with which it is being shipped. It got 8 Gigabytes of RAM, Core i7 Processor, Blue-ray etc.

3) Dell Studio

Dell studio is the best value for money it as as powerful as Mac book Pro which is more then double the price of Dell Studio Laptop.
The batter backup is very good provided you opt for the Nine Cell lithium Battery. It's display screen is best in class. The best thing about dell studio laptops is that you can customise them according your needs.

If oyu want it to be higher on graphics for intenstive gaming you can add a bigger and better Multimedia/ Graphics Card. If you want it to more speeder with the applications you can opt for speedier processor.

4) HP Envy

This is a very neat machine , The keyboard is very good to use and the hardware with which it comes is also of top class. It lags on battery back

5) Compaq Presario

Compaq Presario is a value for money laptop and HP has sold lot of these equipments. It's better finished as compared to it's competitor Dell Studio.

6) Dell Inspiron 15R

This is the Value for money laptop from Dell, It's among the basic ones in the market but still got quite good hardware which includes core i3 processor from Intel with 3 GB of RAM.On demand graphics card and increase in battery life by upgrading to 9cell lithium battery.

7) Sony VAIO S Series

This is the top selling laptop model from Sony Vaio. It lead medium budget market when it comes to the look and feel of the device, but lags on the hardware front where as it's competitor give much better hardware in the same price.

8) Studio XPS 16

Dell Studio XPS is ranked number eight in our list not becasue it's inferior to other which are listed above it but because few of those offer same feature and charge lesser amount of money.

9) Lenovo IdeaPad V460

Lenovo IdeaPad V460 have Intel Core i5-450M-HM55 processor and Windows 7 Professional 32bits , 1.3 Mega pixels Camera, 4 Giga Bytes DDR3 (1066MHz) RAM, 320GB 5400rpm HDD, 14.0 HD LED Glare and 6 Cell.
This laptop is reasonably good on hardware front but it's looks and battery is what really pushes it backwards, and there is no customisation option for the same. This is a medium budget laptop. We feel they should have improved on the battery and have gone ahead with the 64 bit OS.

10) Acer Aspire

Acer Aspire 5542 15.6" is a AMD mobile processor it delivered superb media experiences and mobility. Full HD 1080p playback is there attributed to HD widescreen. It also got a Blu-ray Disc.

Loaded with all those features it is a more towards gaming rather then the laptop which is suitable for work. And this is why it is Ranked 10 in Our List of the Leading Laptops in the Indian Market.

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