Optimize menus to appear faster-Windows 7

We normally notice in Windows 7 that it takes hell amount of time to show clicked menus. To experience a faster Windows 7 experience, we need to change in the registry the amount of time that clicked menus take to appear. Click on the Windows Start button and type regedit into the 'Search programs and files' box.

Navigate to below location
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\ and then click directly on Desktop(See the Image for help)
In the right pane, look for and double-click MenuShowDelay. Change the value from 400 to any lesser number that's 1 or greater; this figure represents the milliseconds of delay between your click and a menu's display. Restart the computer to apply the changes immediately.
Always Backup the registry before editing it, so that you can restore it back if run into any issues.

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