Not able to acquire Network Address

Lot of people face this issue after changing their router.
Issues such as:

  • One of the computer on network found the wireless network but could not connect to it.
  • Network is stuck on Acquiring network address.
  • System cannot renew Ip address.
  • Computer can connect to network using LAN cable but not able to connect to wireless network.
How to simply resolve the issue without calling helpdesk, try the below tip which worked 9/10 times

  1. Right-click the icon for the wireless network and click Properties.
  2. Click the Wireless Networks tab.
  3. Below Preferred Networks, click the entry for your previous wireless router.
  4. Click Remove and confirm the removal.
Possible Root Cause:
It seems that the wireless network entry for the previous router prevents indows from renewing or releasing the IP address. By deleting the entry, it helped to release the previous IP address and Windows can renew it for the new router.

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