Customize Send To Menu -Windows 7/Vista

You’ve seen the SendTo folder in action any time when you right-click a file and select the Send To folder from the context menu. What you might be unaware of is that hoe customize the items in this menu. You can add addtional items to the list of Send to Menu.
Go ahead, right click a file. You should see something that looks like the below image:

To get to the SendTo folder, you’ll need to open up an Explorer window, and then paste in the following to the address bar or you can use Run Command.
%APPDATA% is an environment variable that actually maps to something like C:\users\\AppData\Roaming.
You should now see shortcuts:

Let’s say you wanted to add an item to the Send To menu to open files in Notepad. You could just drag a shortcut to Notepad into this folder, or create a new shortcut. Now you can see the new Notepad item in the menu:

This method should work for any application that allows you to open a file by using a command line argument.

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